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About Ducey's Dogs

Started in 2015, Ducey's Dogs specializes in behavioral modification and creating calm behavior.


A strong distaste for sitting behind a desk and an evergrowing passion for animals lead me to a career in the dog industry.  


I love working with owners to have a better relationship with their dogs.  Dogs can be complicated creatures, but with the right tools and hard work, anything is possible!


I'm a strong believer in calm energy to connect with your dog and better understand their needs.  I love taking a pack of dogs for a walk for some socialization and fresh air. ​​

I am available to help you and your dog to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  Some of my favorite things to work on in training include refining leash walking, proper socialization, off leash walking and recall, instilling calm behavior, and working through reactivity and some forms of aggression.  

Anyone can have a well behaved and calm dog, who listens to you - I promise!  Give me a call so we can get started!


Courtney Ducey


Ducey's Dogs



A woman poses with a black labrador dog and a mudi in an open field
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