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3 dogs are standing in front of a tree. From left to right is a small grey and white pitbull mix, a black lab, and a black and white boxer/pitbull mix wearing a rainbow bandana

Training Methods

I am what is considered a balanced trainer in the dog training industry.  This looks different to many people.  What this means for you as a dog owner is that I use a variety of techniques and tools in my training.  I will find what motivates your dog (treats, toys, affection) and use positive reinforcement techniques to train new skills.  I also believe that setting boundaries and rules and teaching a dog "no" are essential for all dogs.  Teaching a dog how to self soothe and work through uncomfortable feelings and stress is immensely beneficial to your dog's overall well being.  


I will use tools such a prong collars, slip leads, and e-collars, but these are all dependent on the dog.  I take careful consideration before putting a tool on the dog and will take my time conditioning each dog to a new tool.  I am not a one-size fits all trainer.  What works for one dog will not work for another and there are so many ways to train a dog!  I will never force you to train your dog in a way that you are uncomfortable with, but I will urge you to push yourself past your comfort zone if it is for your dog's benefit.


I teach owners with empathy and will never shame you for past decisions you have made with your dog and for not knowing what I have spent years learning.  This is a collaborative effort and I am here to help you in your training journey with your dog. I  can't wait to get started!      

You can see a variety of tools on these dogs in this picture.  The grey and white pitbull mix has on an e-collar and a prong collar, the black lab has on a slip lead, and the black and white boxer/pit mix has on a prong collar.  They all respond differently to their tools but I also use a lot of positive reinforcement to let them know when they are offering behaviors that I want more of!


If you'd like to hear more of my thoughts and feelings about all things dogs, I host a bi-weekly podcast called Coffee With Courtney.  I get passionate about a wide variety of topics from reactivity to muzzles to basic leash training.  It will give you a great idea of what I'm like as a trainer and a person and I'd encourage you to give it a listen.  It is available on all streaming platforms.  

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